Free Web Hosting with No Ads

We get asked a lot if there is actually a such thing as free web hosting with no ads. The answer is YES! Problem is…they can’t survive for very long without ads. So almost all companies that offer free hosting no ads – go out of business or are forced to include ads. There are a ton of hosts right now that are based on the xpanel or layeredpanel control panel systems – these don’t have ads. The thing you have to ask yourself is…how is this possible?

A reliable hosting company has expenses – server and bandwidth costs. These have to be met somehow. Also, support staff has to be paid. If you find one that has no ads – they probably have no support available. Even some free hosts that do have ads – have some support – such as the free hosting of

Another option is to look for free web space at a provider like – these guys give you free web hosting – but it’s ad supported – but only after the first 30 days. This gives you a chance to build your site and see if you like the service. Then if you want to keep ads off it’s only $2/month which is about the cheapest plan you can get!!!

There are tons of cheap web hosting services on the web today. Our site reviews them for quality, compares features, and does all the legwork for you. Some of our favorites include IX Web Hosting and a few other hosts like PowWeb and HostGator. If you choose one of these providers you won’t be disappointed. They are all cheap hosting with no ads – much better than the junk you will see advertised about free web hosting no ads.

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