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At we get emails all the time from users who want to make a website. So we decided to post some resources and ideas on how to get started.

Suppose you want to do a website on a topic like Camping Gear Reviews.
First, you would need to get a domain name. We usually recommend GoDaddy. They have some the cheapest domains and you can get free email with your cheap domain name.
Next, you will need to find a top web hosting provider. There are tons of review sites like ours, but it’s best to find the ones that have actual user reviews of the web hosting service. You don’t want to go in blind. Some sites list hundreds of actual reviews. We’ve done posts on how to get the best web hosting plan – just stick with us. Usually, we recommend ix Web Hosting. This is because we have heard so many good things about them.
Finally, it’s time to build a website. Making a website doesn’t have to be hard. Once you get to this point you have many options. A good web host will have a web builder to help make a website. Those such as iPowerWeb and IX have a built in template system where you can use other themes. The odds that you’ll actually have the same design as someone in your same industry is very slim. Making a website look good depends on color and layout. The template makers usually know this so they make website templates with this in mind.

Another option you have is to use an online website builder – such as SiteSell. I don’t recommend this so much. You can make a website with a program like Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe GoLive/Dreamweaver, or some lesser name website builders.

You could also supplement your site with a blog. So if your topic is Camping Gear – you could do a blog on Camping Stores, Campgrounds, etc.

The best thing you can do is jump in head first! Just start with a domain name and a web host and go from there. See what tools the host offers and if you don’t like them – try a different template to start making a website.

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