New Web Hosting Reviews

Recently, we’ve been working hard on gathering data on more free web hosting services and cheap hosts. We’ve added a bunch more hosts on our host review site.

Some of our recent additions include:

PowWeb – an excellent web host! Used to be 7.77/mo and now much cheaper.
JustHost – one that I wasn’t too familiar with until a friend recommended them to me.
HostDime – another that I wasn’t too familiar with – higher price, but great service.
HostRocket – an old favorite. These guys used to do all sorts of drawings for customers.

These are hosts that many review sites won’t even mention, but we include them because we’ve heard good things about each of them. It all comes down to the support a company offers – customers who experience a good support call will be loyal for quite some time. They can also be the best source of new customers.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a web host – we want to hear about it! Our website enables regular web hosting customers to give feedback. Then we pass that along to hosting companies to help them improve their support. It’s easy and only takes a few seconds – go to – and share your experience today.

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