Best Free Web Templates

We write a lot about free websites and the best free web hosting, but we’re going to tackle how to find the best free web templates today. There are many free web template options available to webmasters these days. Let’s discuss some of the options you have.

1. FrontPage web templates – these are tailored for use with the program by Microsoft called FrontPage. This program is being used less and less, but there are tons of free website templates. Some of these are published by Microsoft and distributed with the program for free. Then there are sites where webmasters have published their works for distribution.

2. Photoshop Templates – these are usually not free as they are higher quality as a general rule. These are for usually distributed in a PSD file format for use with the Adobe program – Photoshop. The prices can range from free to hundreds of dollars if you want to buy the template with exclusive rights for use. A lot of business websites use these types of templates.

3. Dreamweaver Templates – these can range from free to hundreds for the website template. If you want to build a website with Dreamweaver – a template can make this easier. Dreamweaver was distributed by Macromedia and then that company was bought by Adobe. The name will probably be phased out, but you can still find files for your program.

4. Website Builders through your web hosting company. Some providers who specialize in cheap web hosting such as include a website builder with a hosting plan for you to build a website. There are many hosting companies that offer a web builder in the plan. One of our favorites is BlueHost. You can host unlimited domains with bluehost and they have some amazing prices right now. You can signup with a bluehost coupon code link for as little as $3.95. See the link for bluehost promo codes. We also like GoDaddy for web hosting. They have some very cheap plans and have tons of tools for you to build a site – you can visit this link for a godaddy promo code. This gives you hosting for $4.25/mo.

Sometimes free website builders can be downloaded, but they can include various adware that you don’t need or want. So just be careful.

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