Green Web Hosting & Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Many web hosting companies are now going “GREEN”, but what exactly does that mean? One would assume they are taking steps to protect our environment. Are you aware of the steps a web hosting company takes in order to prove they are doing their part in providing a more eco-friendly environment? Most web hosting companies prove their green credentials by offsetting Carbon, they may also have tree planting programs, practice energy conservation, and use energy saving appliances.

These are just a few things web hosting companies, like Green Geeks, are doing to help protect our environment :

  • Buy Carbon Credits. Offsetting carbon means doing your part to “offset”.
  • Buy Green Tags. Buying green tags, aka Renewable Energy Certificiates (REC’s) means the energy you use is created by a green source (wind, solar, hydro) and delivered to the power grid you’re connected to.
  • Virtualization – By sharing resources among customers you can more effectively use your server hardware. Potentially reducing the number of servers consuming energy.
  • Use more energy friendly servers. Green hosting companies choose to buy and use servers that conserve energy. Some have two servers housed within a single box, which utilizes the same power supply. Some companies also use a server technology called “speed stepping” that reduces the amount of voltage and heat a server uses.
  • Data Center Layout. There are a number of things you can when laying out your data center that will help reduce the amount of energy you use, such as weatherizing and positioning of equipment or servers.
  • Other methods. Use propane gas instead of diesel, because it burns cleaner. You can also use windmill driven data centers, install solar panels, use electronic files to reduce paper use, and offer employee incentives for using alternative work transportation.

Many web hosting companies are using a number of these things to help in doing their part for our environment.

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