Mambo Web Hosting Review & Mambo Benefits

Mambo is an open source software that works as a content management system and allows you to create and manage web sites on the internet. Mambo was created by the Mambo foundation Inc, which is a non profit organization that promotes the software to be used at no charge and fights to shelter and protect the software from misuse. It is licensed under the General Public License and uses PHP programming language with an SQL database. Mambo has a lot of useful features and can be a very helpful tool when creating a website. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to using this program.

Some of the main features that are part of Mambo’s web site creating system include the ability to make printable versions of pages, create blogs and forums, produce news flashes and calendars, run polls and web site searches, and many others. Mambo improves performance on a busy site by using caching. They also contain a fairly strong API and have advanced templating techniques. Mambo gives you the ability to automate the web indexing of statistic pages and many other tasks. Another great benefit of Mambo is the community. You can add anything from a search engine to a panel with up to date weather conditions because the Mambo community offers hundreds of free modules for a site with all the extras. In addition, Mambo has amazing documentation. The program is very clean and usable. Some of the top web hosting companies such as JustHost offer Mambo as one the features in their web hosting plans.

Although Mambo is free to use and comes with many great features, there are a few drawbacks to this content management system. It can be difficult to structure the content of your site. Some Mambo users find it hard to get their pages where they want them. Also, some of the menu options seem kind of limited, such as the “categories” and “section” options. In addition, Mambo can be hard to hack while programming. In some ways it lacks flexibility. However, Mambo continues to improve as newer versions are constantly being produced.

Mambo is one of many open source content management systems. Choosing a content management system should be based on your web sites individual needs.

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