VPS.net Review – Virtual Private Server Benefits

If you are looking for services somewhere between cheap web hosting and having a dedicated server the virtual private servers is probably a great solution. At VPS.net they take the guesswork out of VPS hosting and get you up and running in no time.

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Virtual private servers is when a server is sectioned off to where each section can run it’s own operating system, reboot separately and still have the control that you have with a dedicated server. With VPS.net hosting you can have a firewall, you can host databases, you get one dedicated IP address, and everything is backed up on a RAID10 SAN.

VPS.net takes the mystery out of virtual hosting. They have great software so that you can get up and running with very little knowledge on programming and software. This is not a managed server so you will want to have some knowledge in advance of Linux. If something goes wrong or breaks you simply restore from a back up or you can start from scratch in no time. You can change your operating system at any time with no headache and you can do whatever you want with your vps as long as it doesn’t violate the VPS.net terms of service.

VPS.net makes billing simple by automatically billing your credit card for one month at a time. You have the ability to cancel at anytime. You have great customer service by email, phone and live chat.

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