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Many people want to make money online but most just want a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what your looking for then don’t worry about reading this post. We want to help you find some real money making potential online but it will take doing all the hard work, all the hours and the persistence to see it through until you are successful at it. There is money to be made online and just about anyone can do it if they will focus on the right way to do it. In this post we will cover a few avenues that you may want to explore if you are looking for an opportunity.

Donations – If you already have a site up and running or even a blog that you keep up to date and have a good following on you can use this method of getting a little extra money. PayPal offers a donate button. Visitors feel comfortable using PayPal for their payment processing so that works in your favor. It doesn’t take long for the visitor and there isn’t a set amount so they can donate as much or as little as they desire. This may not put you on the path to riches but what can it hurt if you have the site anyway?
Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs are growing fast. These great programs give you the opportunity to market products of your choice and to make a return on the sales or sometimes the registration/sign up of visitors to your site. You would first pick a product line that you believe in and can stand behind for long term. Sign up for the affiliate program and then build a site based on those products. To do well in search engines and drive traffic to your site you will need to have a content rich site so make sure you do plenty of writing and reviews about your products. Affiliate pay outs can vary depending on the program that you join. Just remember, this is not an overnight rich scheme. This takes work and time to be successful but it can become very lucrative.
Sell Your Products – If you have a product line or a storefront you can have your ecommerce site. You just want to be sure that you sign up with a ecommerce web hosting company that has secure severs and can offer you things like SSL Certificates. All of these things help to make your information and your customer’s information safe online. You will also need to look into a shopping cart program, inventory management program (sometimes in the shopping cart program), payment gateway and a merchant account. This is vital because shoppers online want to know that they can safely pay by credit card and e-checks. We suggest BlueHost for ecommerce web hosting!
Park a Domain – Some companies offer this for free and this is why. You can park a domain that you have registered but aren’t going to use yet, or ever for that matter. You then may want to park it and run ads so that you make revenue off of the ads. Some hosting companies will let you run their ads on a parked page at no cost. The ads make the hosting company and you some money. The best way to do this is to use domains that were popular but just expired or have a close spelling to something popular. These parked pages can be hard to drive traffic to so choosing a good domain name is crucial. You can do this with one domain or a whole lot of them. For domain parking we suggest GoDaddy!
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