What is Unlimited Bandwidth

When shopping for web hosting you will probably see a lot of companies that offer unlimited bandwidth. In this post we will discuss what this is exactly and if it is important to you.

Bandwidth is how much information can be transmitted through the Internet at one time. This information could be documents, photos, videos, or audio files. When web hosting companies refer to your bandwidth allowance they are referring to the amount of data that is sent between your site and your visitors web browsers. This is calculated monthly. So, if the web hosting company tells you that you get 500 GB of file transfer or bandwidth they mean “per month”. This is implied but not always written out for you.
The amount of bandwidth that you use or need is dependent on how large your site is and how many visitors you have each month. If your site is brand new it can be hard to judge just how much bandwidth will be used because you really don’t have a way of estimating how many visitors you will attract. It is always a good idea to overestimate when trying to make a decision as to how much bandwidth you might need.
Be careful of terms like “unlimited”. In the case of unlimited bandwidth the web hosting company means that they will let you use the bandwidth that your site requires but with restrictions. You can’t just go off of the features list on the web hosting website, you really need to read the fine print. There can be restrictions that ultimately could cost you a lot of money if you aren’t careful.
When it comes to shared web hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth you should understand that they are estimating the size of the sites they host and they aren’t anticipating much usage. However, if by chance they had servers with several big sites that had a lot of visitors you could get in a situation where the sites have pages that load very slowly or the server just gets bogged down with all the traffic. If your site gets so big and gets so many visitors that this is an issue you may want to consider VPS hosting or a dedicated server.
A few companies that offer unlimited bandwidth are:
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