HostGator & BlueHost Neck and Neck ~ Where’s DreamHost?

Last month we took a close look at BlueHost vs HostGator and tried to see which was the best deal. We decided to do a little update comparison to see how the competition is holding out and maybe see where a third host, DreamHost, fits into the mix. HostGator and BlueHost both continue to see substantial growth. Over the last month. HostGator has added 37,570 active name servers where BlueHost added only 23,008 (at the time of this review). However, BlueHost still tops the charts with a total of 992,126 but HostGator is only about 3,500 behind and gaining quickly! With a .17% gain today it won’t be long before they catch up.

So what about DreamHost you say? Well they are right up there in the mix. DreamHost currently has 975,793 active name servers, not far behind these other two. DreamHost also offers a whole list of hosting options including: dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Server Colocation, and domain registration. Their basic shared web hosting plan is an all inclusive plan with virtually unlimited benefits.

Each of these three companies have proven themselves as some of the best web hosting providers around. Take a few minutes to read the BlueHost review, DreamHost Review, and HostGator Review and see which will best suit your needs. Whichever you choose, rest assured that you are in good hands with a well established company that will strive to meet all your web hosting needs.

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