BlueHost vs. HostGator vs. DreamHost ~ New Statistics

These are the new stats for July 1, 2010 for three of the best web providers. DreamHost hit a huge milestone since our last last review a couple of months ago, they hit the 1 million mark in number of domains hosted!! This is a huge accomplishment for them. See all the new stats below.

BlueHost Web Hosting Statistics:
•New domains: 1,315
•Transferred in domains: 682
•Transferred out domains: 486
•Deleted domains: 405
•Net increase: 1,106
•Total BlueHost domains: 1,083,275

HostGator Web Hosting Statistics:
•New domains: 1,601
•Transferred in domains: 1,679
•Transferred out domains: 2,047
•Deleted domains: 183
•Net increase: 1,050
•Total HostGator domains: 1,154,751

DreamHost Web Hosting Statistics:
•New domains: 827
•Transferred in domains: 583
•Transferred out domains: 494
•Deleted domains: 400
•Net increase: 516
•Total DreamHost domains: 1,007,792

All three of these top web hosts offer unlimited web hosting with tons of extra benefits to meet any personal or business website hosting needs. All three have proven themselves to be reliable web hosts that provide excellent customer service.

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