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So you have a great business idea and want to create a website to help you advertise online and get your business going? But it’s the holidays and you are strapped for cash. You know that if you just choose a free web hosting provider you will be limited on the features that are available and definitely won’t have the support that you get with paid web hosting. You could just start with the free web host, but don’t if you do that you may be transferring your site to a new host in a few months. Well, WestHost is here to save the day. Right now you can use our special WestHost coupon code and get a paid web hosting plan FREE for a full year!! Just enter coupon code: BELIEVE and WestHost will host your site FREE for 1 full year!!

Of course there is always a catch, you have to buy any hosting plan for two years to get the 1 year free. But this is still an excellent deal and buying the two  years is not a big up front cost. WestHost has three plans for you to choose from and for the cheapest web hosting plan (for 2 years) is only $5 per month. This is still a cheap web hosting plan but when you consider that you are getting 3 years for $120, it is an even better deal! WestHost has 3 web hosting plans for you to choose from. Many of the best web hosting providers offer one mega plan to be a “one size fits all” plan that will work for everyone. WestHost recognizes the fact that everyone has different needs for different sites and providing a number of options allows you to choose the plan that will work best for the site you have in mind.

If you choose the Preferred or Business hosting plans you will get a free domain for life as well! This deal really is just getting better all the time. They are really working to make their slogan “Believe in Better Hosting” a reality. In our research on what it takes to be one of the best web hosting providers we have found that it isn’t only about price and the number of features, but includes a number of other important aspects like: options (ability to choose features and services that you need for your site), reliable hosting service (you need a web host that will ensure their quality and reliability of equipment), and customer service (whether you need to talk to someone about your bill or have a question about why something isn’t working on your site, you need to know that they are available and willing to help).

WestHost offers all these benefits and more. Use our link below to get the best deals from WestHost. Don’t forget to use our coupon code: BELIEVE to get FREE web hosting for a year, when you purchase any 2 year web hosting plan. Check back often for updated coupon codes and special promotional offers. We are always watching out for the best deals to share with you.

4 Free Hosting Use: BELIEVE at Checkout

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