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StartLogic webmail is part of the StartLogic web hosting plan. StarLogic web hosting offers some of the best web hosting features including reliable and secure webmail. Wondering what webmail is exactly and how you use it? Webmail is a type of web-based email that is accessible through a web browser rather than desktop client email like Microsoft Outlook. You may be most familiar with webmail providers like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. It is easily accessed through any computer anywhere in the world. Most smart phones are also easily compatible with accessing these webmail providers. A huge benefit to using webmail is that it is free and most providers give you tons of storage. This way you can store old messages that can be accessed from anywhere and you don’t have to have access to your own computer’s hard drive to get the information from the stored messages.

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Even with the StartLogic’s most basic web hosting plan, for just $3.95 per month you get access to unlimited email services. Startlogic webmail is one of the best free web hosting features available with your hosting services. StartLogic webmail lets you create an email with your domain name, which is beneficial for all professional webmail purposes. With you StartLogic webmail you have two options to send and receive email. You can either create an entirely new email account in StartLogic’s mail center. Or, have the option to set up mail forwarding. Once you have completed either of these options, you can log in to your mailbox to read your email, reply, delete, organize and have full control over the management of your webmail account.

StartLogic webmail features include:

  • Ability to create new mailboxes or forwards, all of which can match your domain name
  • Control over spam filtering options
  • Ability to reconfigure existing email addresses within an address book
  • Option for setting up an auto responder

With StartLogic webmail you can configure your mail system with either regular email clients like Microsoft Outlook express, or you can stick with the webmail route and configure it that way. StartLogic’s webmail system allows you to access different webmail accounts set up through your hosting account. This way multiple users can access their individual webmail accounts through your webmail system. This can be done by simply putting in the email and mailbox password without having to log into your web hosting control panel; adding protection to your website and web hosting tools. You can also set up an email administrator, to give someone administrative control over company email. Having a webmail client is useful for giving email access to an email administrator who may not have access to your control panel.

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StartLogic Webmail and StarLogic Coupon Price

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