Nextiva Review of Nextiva Virtual Fax Service

Read our Nextiva review of Nextiva virtual fax service for information on online fax services. For businesses looking to upgrade to an online fax service as a way to save time and money, Nextiva virtual fax (vFAX) is a great voice over ip service that is affordable and flexible to fit your business needs. Nextiva is known for its best business VoIP and online fax services as a way to follow its motto of simplifying business communication.

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As the number one online fax service provider, Nextiva vFAX offers the best VoIP software to ensure customers the best business VoIP experience. There are several different options for using the vFAX online faxing tools. The fax can be sent by email, Microsoft Office, the Nextiva online control panel, cell phone as well as with your office fax machine. This alleviates many of the traditional issues associated with traditional fax machines including paper jams, system errors and busy signals. This helps to ensure your business faxes are sent and received successfully each and every time.

Our Nextiva Review found that Nextiva vFAX includes:

  • No set up fees
  • 500 free pages
  • 3 cents additional page costs
  • Fax machine ready
  • Microsoft Office plugin
  • No contract necessary

All of this for just $8.95/mo. Virtual fax services, like Nextiva vFAX, are great for any business or individual looking for a way to simplify their necessary fax and email communications. For this affordable monthly rate, Nextiva’s best VoIP technology with superior virtual fax software is a great tool for any large or small business. The best part about Nextiva vFAX is the ability to send a fax from anywhere you can get Internet access. This is largely convenient for those who do business frequently on the go and need to be able to communicate via fax while away from the office.

Smart phones like the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm are adequately able to operate VoIP technology to help you and the rest of your business operation send virtual faxes from just about anywhere. In addition to a variety of tools and virtual fax features our Nextiva review found that Nextiva vFAX is one of the lowest priced online fax providers on the web. Nextiva offers additional plans for larger businesses to adequately meet their business VoIP needs.

Another thing our Nextiva review found was that using Nextiva vFAX ensures that there are no lost or missed faxes because of superior reliability offered by vFAX. The best VoIP technology allows copies of the faxes to be stored on the vFAX servers to ensure your ability to retrieve a digital copy of a fax from anywhere with Internet service. With the security of knowing confidential emails are no longer a risk sitting on an unattended fax machine, you can be confident in this best VoIP technology to know that fax has been sent directly to your secure email system.

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