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Use our Yola Silver Coupon Code to save 20% today. Yola offers a number of web hosting plans for webmasters to choose from, depending on your needs and what web hosting features you want to help build a website. In this Yola review we will be focusing on the Yola Silver plan. Yola Silver is the middle of the line plan that provides a lot of extras, including a unique domain name rather than just a subdomain, as well as many additional website building tools to help inexperienced or beginning webmasters build a professional website quickly. To save 10% on the Yola Silver plan just use our Yola Silver link below and then enter our Yola coupon: 100BEST at checkout.

Yola Silver – 20% Off!

From our Yola review we found a number of benefits to choosing the Yola Silver plan. For new webmasters building a website some of the most important free web hosting features that Yola is offering with the Yola Silver plan include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) tools. SEO and SEM are crucial for any new website because for most websites the majority of their traffic comes from search engines, especially in the beginning before people really know about your website. Search engine optimization is integrated into every part of building a website so having free SEO tools to help ensure that you are doing everything you need to while creating your website will be a big help in getting your website to rank within the first few pages of search engine results.

Along with SEO is search engine marketing. There are a number of tools that can help with online advertising. With the Yola Silver plan webmasters receive free Facebook advertising credits as well as free Google AdWords credits to get you started. Using Facebook advertising is a good way to get people talking about your website. When people see their friends “liking” your website they will be more likely to check it out. Google AdWords can be especially beneficial for small business websites that are just getting started. When potential customers are searching for the keywords related to your business website, your website probably won’t show up in the first few pages for a few months, with Google AdWords your website advertisement will show up in the ads along the sidebar, at least giving people the option to be taken to your website.

In addition to online advertising the Yola Silver plan offers a number of other free web hosting tools that will make creating a website much easier. One of the biggest benefits is unlimited premium style website templates, a value of more than $800. Along with these free web hosting benefits Yola has a partnership with Fotolia which will provide webmasters with royalty free images to use on their website. The Yola partnership with Constant Contact also provides webmasters with the ability to easily import email lists to their new web hosting account.

Another huge advantage of the Yola Silver package for small business owners is the 30 day website analytics. Using website analytics is a great way for webmasters to see where their web traffic is coming from as well as the search terms that visitors are using to reach your website. Website analytics will also provide webmasters with information that lets them know which pages are being visited the most and where visitors are entering and exiting their website.

Use our Yola Silver link below to visit Yola.com for complete details about each of the web hosting plans they have to offer. After completing your own Yola review you can decide if the Yola Silver is the best web hosting plan for you. Don’t forget to use our Yola coupon: 100BEST at checkout, no matter which Yola plan you choose, to save 20% off your entire purchase.

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