New at DreamHost: CafeCommerce

New at DreamHost: CafeCommerce. Are you planning to build your website as a way to make money online or start up your online business? If so, you can greatly benefit from the new DreamHost e-commerce package called CafeCommerce. DreamHost is already recognized as one of the most affordable and best web hosting companies around. Now with the addition of the CafeCommerce package, new customers can get access to the ability to create a highly customized online store that you can expand without limitations for the affordable cost of $30 per month. Now, you can not only get access to this deal, but you can also try it out for free with a 14-day trial. That way you can see if this really is a service that can benefit your online web hosting e-commerce needs before you make any final commitment.

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DreamHost CafeCommerce features:

The CafeCommerce plan is designed to help the business owner get easy access to customize their own unique online store. This is a easy-to-use tool that just about anyone can use, even if they do not have much website experience. With CafeCommerce users can quickly begin the online store design process by selecting from a variety of templates, and can then customize the look and feel of the website to achieve your e-commerce goals for your website. The best part about the DreamHost CafeCommerce feature is that you can easily and quickly change your store without any restrictions on limits of expandability. As your business continues to grow and expand the longer it has exposure on the Internet, the faster and easier you can expand your online e-commerce store using CafeCommerce.

Webmasters can easily sell an unlimited number of products as well as show an unlimited number of images per product. CafeCommerce providers users with unlimited transactions as well as staff logins to easily manager your online store. This is a great e-commerce package that can work for the needs of any size business, from a small business to huge corporation. Webmasters get all of these DreamHost CafeCommerce benefits and more for just $30 per month. This is an affordable price for many web users, but if you are hesitant to commit to paying that much per month for the CafeCommerce service, take advantage of the opportunity to use the DreamHost free trial for 14 days! This way you can figure out for yourself if the features offered by CafeCommerce are worth the $30 monthly price, or if the program does not fit your needs. This $30 charge also includes a full DreamHost web hosting account, which is valued at $8.95 per month. Be sure to check out the DreamHost website today to learn more about web hosting with DreamHost and the CafeCommerce plan to see how this e-commerce package can work for you.

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DreamHost CafeCommerce

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