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We are writing this iPage hosting and iPage coupon post to tell you about what is new with iPage hosting and to give webmasters the best deal on iPage hosting. Even without an iPage coupon, they are pretty cheap but using our iPage coupon saves webmasters more than 50% off the regular price. iPage hosting has been around for many years, they are by no means new to the web hosting industry, but instead of just offering the same thing year after year they are constantly upgrading, adding features, and working to keep their service the best web hosting service available.

First, let’s take a look at all the free web hosting extras that are added in with every iPage hosting account. Each iPage hosting plan includes more than $450 worth of free extras including free advertising credits, ShopSite, SiteLock, a full security suite, marketing suite, design suite, and support suite. What this means for the webmaster is that every aspect of his/her web hosting account has all the very best technology and very best web hosting features that are currently available. Every webmaster also receives a free domain name registration, and a brand new free feature includes an iPage exclusive deal for a free toll-free phone number and a free VoIP phone.

This iPage hosting exclusive offer provides webmasters with a free VoIP phone from Nextiva for 3 months. Your business will enjoy unlimited calling and faxing, a local and toll free number, cloud-base PBX, dial by name directory, and online account management. Using a VoIP phone and service does not require any special technical skills and there is no contract or termination fee if you should choose to discontinue use of the service. This is a limited time offer but is an excellent deal for any business just starting out, that needs web hosting and phone service for the new business. By using our iPage coupon link below webmasters will get web hosting for just $3.50 per month and will have all the extra free web hosting tools and features included.

iPage hosting includes many unlimited hosting features and is powered by 100% wind energy, making them a green web hosting provider as well. Aside from what you will be getting with your web hosting plan, every webmaster should do some research about their web hosts equipment and support time. It is critical that a web host has high performance servers, network monitoring, and load balanced servers. This ensures that when a problem does arise, as they inevitably do, the iPage team is aware of it and able to deal with it in a timely manner. Load balancing will make sure that when one server is seeing a huge spike in traffic, other servers will help carry the load.

We can’t say enough about customer support. Every web host is just a little different and webmasters are sure to have a question from time to time. Having a support staff that is courteous, available, and capable is an absolute must. No coupon price makes it worth dealing with a company that has terrible support. Our iPage coupon gives you a great price, but it also gives you access to 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. There is always a way for webmasters to get help and answers to questions. Read some ipage reviews, complete your own iPage review, test out the iPage support and then decide if iPage hosting is the best web hosting service for you. Use our link below to visit the iPage site. You will see our iPage coupon is automatically applied and the iPage coupon price of $3.50 is prominently displayed on the homepage. Get the best web hosting deal around, research iPage hosting today.

iPage Hosting w/iPage Coupon – Just $3.50/mo

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