JustHost Hosting: Is JustHost a Scam?

For people considering JustHost hosting, some confusion may occur as a result of reports saying JustHost scam. According to an online definition of scam, a scam is “A dishonest scheme; a fraud” having used JustHost hosting to successfully host many websites I would have to say that JustHost Scam is a very unfair label. JustHost has been around for many  years and has been one of the leading web hosting service providers for a very long time. It is natural that you will find some negative JustHost reviews. No business is perfect, technology is never without glitches. If you choose JustHost hosting expecting perfection, you will be disappointed. If you choose any web hosting service expecting perfection, you will be disappointed.

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When it comes to negative JustHost reviews we also have to consider how many of these “reviews” are actually the competition trying to make the JustHost hosting service look bad. Claiming JustHost is a scam, however, is just silly. The fact that a person has a less than satisfactory interaction with a JustHost service rep hardly makes JustHost a scam. If a person chooses to cancel their service and are upset that a portion of their money is not returned to cover the cost of the domain name registration, well that is common amongst almost all web hosting service providers and is clearly stated in the terms and conditions.

Is JustHost a Scam?

The simple answer, no. JustHost is not a scam. They are a well established company that has been around for years and will continue to offer web hosting services for many years to come. Is it possible to find people on the Internet claiming JustHost is a scam? Yes. Most of the time when a person is unhappy for any reason they want to point fingers and lay the blame on someone. It is easy to point fingers saying JustHost is a scam and no one should ever use them, simply because they, the customer, made a mistake or didn’t get exactly what they thought they would because he/she didn’t pay attention to details in the first place. The terms and conditions are very specific about every web hosting plan automatically renewing at the regular rate when the renewal date arrives, if you signed up with a JustHost coupon to begin with. The fact that an individual isn’t paying attention to the terms and conditions doesn’t mean JustHost is a scam, it simply means people aren’t taking the time to review JustHost’s terms and conditions before they sign up.

The JustHost web hosting features included in the hosting packages are very robust and provide a great environment for beginning web hosting. If at anytime a client choose to purchase additional features or upgrade their service, the JustHost terms and conditions clearly state that upgrades and additional services purchased are not refundable. Unfortunately, society has adopted an idea that even if I use half of what I purchased and I decide I don’t want the other half, I want all my money back. Imagine going to the grocery store with a half empty gallon of milk and asking for a refund because you are leaving town and won’t be able to use the other half of the gallon. Really?? JustHost is more than fair in their cancellation policy, they don’t recoup the money they are out for registering your domain name for you, so they don’t return that to you. They don’t return the amount of money that has already been used for the months of service you have already used since signup, and they don’t refund the money for extras that you add onto your account. Who does??

If you choose to use JustHost hosting, read the terms and conditions so that you understand what you are getting into before you sign up. Go in with realistic expectations. Know that any time you are dealing with technology, there will be hiccups and everything won’t always be perfect. If you choose JustHost hosting and go in with realistic expectations, you won’t be disappointed. And remember, if you make the effort to show a little kindness and understanding, most people will return the favor. If your first message to support is defamatory and abusive, you are not likely to get a kind response. If you are kind and courteous, you will likely get a similar response.

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