Virtual Private Server – What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server but what is VPS hosting? In this Virtual Private Server – What is VPS Hosting? article we will give a brief overview of VPS and VPS hosting. A virtual private server is exactly what the name implies, like a private server but not actually a private server. Virtual, by definition, means almost or nearly as described, but not completely or exactly. VPS hosting is still actually shared web hosting but provides many of the benefits and features of a private or dedicated server. VPS hosting is sometimes referred to as VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting and means the same thing.

VPS hosting is created by a web hosting service provider partitioning a server in such a way so as to provide each VPS hosting account with dedicated, allocated resources . Because this section of the physical server is partitioned and dedicated to each user, the end user can use whatever operating system he/she chooses, can reboot his section of the server, and use his resources in whatever way he chooses without having to worry about what other users are doing and how they could negatively impact his account. Using a VPS hosting makes it possible to change server configurations, install software, host multiple sites and more. As you can see it is starting to sound a lot like the web host has his own server that is why they call it virtual private server. Each VPS account has all the basic benefits of a dedicated server without the hefty price tag.

There are many options when it comes to VPS hosting providers from smaller companies like Dewlance and vServer Centerto the very well known companies like GreenGeeks. The cost of VPS hosting varies greatly depending on the company, the amount of resources, and the needs of your web hosting account. Whether you are interested in VPS hosting to host multiple websites, manage a very large, busy business website or are looking to use your VPS hosting account for reseller hosting. Whatever your needs and reasoning for using VPS hosting, having the benefits of a dedicated or private server without the huge price tag and extra time and work required to maintain your own server is phenomenal.

GreenGeeks has developed a great VPS hosting system and we feel like it is worth giving you a few details about what they have to offer. GreenGeeks offers many VPS hosting options, with five VPS hosting plans to choose from, webmasters are sure to find a solution that will work for his/her needs. The 512 MB (memory) plan starts at just $39.95 per month and provides 25 GB of RAID-10 storage, 500 GB dedicated bandwidth and equal share CPU power. The storage, bandwidth and memory are the main elements that will vary from plan to plan. Other features that are standard on every GreenGeeks VPS hosting account include free web hosting tools like: cPanel/WHM, an eNom account, billing system and cP migration. Each of the GreenGeeks VPS hosting accounts is fully managed, saving you a lot of time and hassle, and is backed by 24 hour a day 7 day a week support. Choosing VPS hosting from a well known and established company like GreenGeeks ensures that you will have the best processors and hardware, as well as server and network monitoring and nightly backups. GreenGeeks has already established a reputation for being dependable and providing reliable web hosting that is up and running all the time.

As with any web hosting service, finding the best VPS hosting for your needs is a very individual decision. We give you these recommendations simply to point you in a sound direction. It will take some research, reading some website hosting reviews and talking to a few companies to find the best solution for your needs. Use our link below to get started on your GreenGeeks VPS review today.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

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