HostGator & VOIPo: Free Toll Free Number for Business

HostGator & VOIPo offer free toll free number for business websites that sign up for the business web hosting plan with HostGator.  HostGator has long been known as one of the best web hosting service providers but many of you may not know about VOIPo. In this HostGator & VOIPo: Free Toll Free Number for Business post we will talk more about VOIPo and HostGator. VOIPo is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider that offers some of the best VoIP services for businesses that are looking for cheap phone solutions.

Our VOIPo review found that they have been in the VoIP business since 2006 and have been very successful in providing reliable business VoIP services to businesses making calls within both the US and Canada. Because the founder of VOIPo is an ex HostGator executive, there is a long standing, positive relationship between the two companies. Each company offers a service that is valuable to business owners, especially those that are doing business online and want to be able to sell products online and provide phone support for orders or questions. That is why HostGator and VOIPo have teamed up to provide a FREE toll-free number for business web hosting clients.

Anyone that is familiar with HostGator web hosting knows that the HostGator service is dependable and very rich in the best web hosting features. For anyone that is serious about creating a business website, the HostGator business plan is ideal. This HostGator plan is one of the best web hosting plans, not only because of the unlimited features like bandwidth, diskspace, and domain names, but also because the HostGator web hosting plan provides you with a free private SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and a dedicated IP. Now because of the partnership between HostGator & VOIPo customers that sign up for the HostGator business plan will also receive a free toll free number to use in conjunction with the business website. This toll free number provides 100 free minutes every month and additional minutes are very cheap at just 4.9 cents per minute. The free minutes go by calendar month  and the number must be called at least one time during each 30 day period for the number to remain active. That is really no big deal as you can call your own number if you are worried about not getting any calls within any 30 day period.

Keep in mind that this free toll free number for your business is available only with the HostGator business plan so if you are switching to another plan or are changing web hosts, be sure to change your VOIPo plan to a paid plan to keep your phone number from being disconnected and losing your toll free number that you have been using for your business. If you have been considering the HostGator business hosting plan this is just one more thing that will be useful to for anyone with a business website. Even if you don’t plan on doing sales over the phone or you are not sure that you will need a phone number, just having this free toll free number will allow you to have the number on your site so that you have that options for those that really need to get a hold of your business. This will also provide more validity to your business and give visitors more assurance that you are a legit company and that they can get a hold of you if they need to.

Check out some HostGator reviews to learn more about HostGator and find out if HostGator web hosting is the best web hosting option for your business website. Take a few minutes to visit HostGator and find out how the HostGator & VOIPo free toll free phone number can benefit your business.

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