Free File Transfer Service – Limited Time Only is pleased to announce a limited time offer! If you are currently using a free web hosting service and would like to upgrade to a cheap web hosting provider for better service, will assist you in transferring your website files for FREE!  This free file transfer service is for anyone who has an existing free website that visits and chooses to move their website to one of our top 5 web hosting providers.  You can choose any of these top 5 cheap web hosting companies:

  • FatCow
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • iPage
  • HostMonster

Once you have signed up through our website for any of these shared hosting providers simply send your free file transfer request to  Within this email you will need to include the account login credentials for both the free web hosting account you plan on moving the files from as well as the new login information for the new account from one of our top 5 hosts.  Make sure you do not discontinue or cancel your free web hosting account until you have been notified that we have successfully transferred all of your website files to the new account.

What are the pros and cons/advantages or disadvantages to using a free web host vs. a shared web host.  LOTS! But just to name a few…

  • ADS! – Many free web hosting companies require unwanted or unsolicited ads/pop-ups to be placed on your website.  Shared web hosts do not require any advertisements.
  • MONEY – If a free host is not placing ads on your site they will try to make $ from your website somehow; upgrades, overages, services…Most shared web hosts include enough web space, bandwidth, products, software, and services you won’t need any extras.
  • SERVICE – Almost ALL free web hosts have little or zero customer service. IF they have any it’s usually via email which may or may not be answered within about 72 hours. Cheap web hosting typically has numerous levels of support including a 24/7 chat or toll-free telephone service.
  • Domains – Most free web hosting companies require your website address to be a subdomain of their actual domain ie. versus cheap web hosting that allows your own domain ie. (without the hosts name in the url).
  • Pages/Webspace – Free hosts often limit how many pages you can have on your site, how large each file can be, and the over total amount of web space your site can use on their server.  While you wouldn’t want to host a massive corporation website on a shared hosting server, the amount of files, pages, and space allotted is much greater with cheap web hosting than with free web hosting.

If you want better and faster web hosting service with one of our cheap web hosts, you must act now as this free file transfer service is a limited time offer ONLY AVAILABLE from August 13 – 20, 2012.

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